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Ugly - Ugly's Sunday School 7" vinyl


Holm Front is proud to present its first release, a limited run, vinyl-only single from Cambridge upstarts, 'Ugly’. The record, ‘Ugly’s Last Supper,’ will feature two new songs from the buzzy five-piece - ‘The Last Supper At The Regal Wetherspoon’ and ‘Redemption, On the Road To Damascus.’
Talking about the release, UGLY say: “For these two tracks we’ve decided to take a more hymnic approach to our indie rock music. Immerse yourself in ‘The Last Supper at the Regal Wetherspoons’ and ‘Redemption on the Road to Damascus’ to find spiritual satisfaction, as well as a few minutes of music to relax, tap your feet or clap your hands!"

Shipping from 5 January 2018